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[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / llite / dir.c
2007-10-16 yangshengBranch HEAD
2007-10-10 komalnb=11694
2007-09-19 vitalyBranch HEAD
2007-09-13 tappro- ELC fixes and optimizations
2007-09-13 liuyBranch HEAD
2007-07-31 vitalyBranch HEAD
2007-07-30 tappro- make HEAD from b_post_cmd3
2007-05-01 adilgerBranch HEAD
2007-02-10 nathanland b1_5 onto HEAD
2005-09-21 alex- nobody needs these warnings any more
2005-08-12 yury- many fixes about using ENTRY, RETURN, GOTO and EXIT.
2005-08-09 lsyLand b_hd_capa onto HEAD (20050809_1942)
2005-08-06 tappro- b_hd_audit landing
2005-08-05 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-07-31 ericmland b_hd_remote_acl: support get/set ACL from remote...
2005-07-28 ericmland minor fixes from b_hd_sec:
2005-06-23 ericmland b_hd_sec on HEAD: lctl flush stuff, plus various...
2005-06-20 ericmland b_hd_sec onto HEAD: various security related fixes.
2005-04-18 yury- many fixes in GNS code after Nikita's code review...
2005-04-04 yury- landed b_hd_cray_merge3
2005-03-31 ericmland lustre part of b_hd_sec on HEAD.
2005-03-14 alexb=5765
2005-02-22 yury- changes with names on exports and another fields...
2004-11-22 yury- fixed mdc_op_data stack allocations.
2004-11-15 yury- changes about @flags in m_disconnect(). It should...
2004-11-13 yury- cleanups about getattr_name. By now getattr_lock...
2004-11-11 yury- landing b_fid.
2004-10-24 yury- unland b_fid to HEAD
2004-10-24 yury- landing of b_fid after merge with b_hd_cleanup_merge.
2004-10-23 yury- landing of b_hd_cleanup_merge to HEAD.
2004-08-30 ericmland b_groups onto HEAD:
2004-08-18 wangdi1)cleanup smfs code for 2.6 and snapfs
2004-08-11 wangdi1)add .snap namespace to smfs
2004-06-07 philland b_gns onto HEAD. If you are working on CMD, you...
2004-06-02 phillanding b_cmobd_merge on HEAD
2004-05-19 alex- name var was used being uninitialized
2004-05-17 philsmash the HEAD with the contents of b_cmd. HEAD_PRE_CM...
2004-05-13 adilgerLand b_smallfix onto HEAD (20040512_1806)
2004-04-29 adilgerLand b_smallfix onto HEAD (20040428_2142)
2004-04-16 adilgerLand b_smallfix onto HEAD (20040416_1638) (more 2.6...
2004-04-12 nicland b_inodebits
2004-04-07 jacobland b_smallfix 20040407_1414:
2004-03-19 shaochengLanding b_bug1414
2004-03-05 adilgerLand b1_2 onto HEAD (20040304_171022)
2004-02-23 philb=1021,2720
2004-02-07 adilgerQuiet warning on ia64 compiles.
2003-12-10 niub: 1991
2003-12-03 philland v0.9.1 on HEAD, in preparation for a 1.0.x branch
2003-07-25 philmerge b_devel into HEAD, which will become 0.7.3
2003-07-03 pschwanmerge b_devel into HEAD (20030703)
2003-06-26 pschwanmerge b_devel into HEAD (20030626 merge tag) for 0.7.1
2003-06-12 pschwan- merge 0.7rc1 from b_devel to HEAD (20030612 merge...
2003-03-02 pschwanland b_devel onto HEAD (b_devel will remain)
2003-02-07 pschwanMerge b_md into HEAD
2003-01-06 adilgerMerge b_md to HEAD for 0.5.19 release.
2002-12-17 pschwanland b_md onto HEAD. almost entirely small cleanups...
2002-12-02 adilgerMerge of b_md to HEAD:
2002-11-18 pschwanb=191
2002-10-30 shaver- Bug 296: remove LDLM_MDSINTENT to fix mismatches...
2002-10-29 pschwanb=256
2002-10-20 braam- Lustre Lite at least superficially ready for 2.5
2002-10-19 braamONLY UPDATE IF YOU NEED THIS (i.e. Andreas probably...
2002-10-19 adilgerUnlockPage->unlock_page. The two are identical, except...
2002-10-18 pschwanI really broke the tree last night. I guess nobody...
2002-10-18 adilgerFix breakage from missing wait_on_buffer() inline.
2002-10-18 adilgerHeader changes needed to compile under 2.5 (compiled...
2002-10-15 shaver- Rename the ptlrpc-general reconnection and replay...
2002-10-03 adilgerHandle error case when mdc_readpage() fails.
2002-09-16 braam- a fix for Gary's directory read-back bug. You can...
2002-09-02 adilgerMinor change.
2002-07-15 pschwan- Fix for the 16kb page directory handling (thanks...
2002-07-05 pschwanItems of note:
2002-07-05 adilgerPass 64-bit object numbers wherever possible, instead...
2002-06-30 pschwan- Fixes memory and refcount links in the DLM
2002-06-21 braam- commit mkdir fix to head as well. Head has slightly...
2002-06-20 adilgerMerge from posix_stable.
2002-06-14 pschwanLanding the mds_lock_devel branch on the trunk. Notables:
2002-05-24 braam- another attempt to get the blocksize right
2002-05-24 braamTry to get working chunk size for IA64 where PAGE_CACHE...
2002-04-22 adilgerFix MDS dir truncation bug.
2002-04-13 pschwan- added connection structure which encompasses some...
2002-04-10 pschwanNo new functionality outside of the DLM. ptlrpc_client...
2002-04-08 braam- name switch: "light" --> "lite"
2002-03-24 braam- more of the locking infrastructure.
2002-03-14 pschwan- fixed some NTOH/HTON mixups
2002-03-11 pschwan- a few more header cleanups
2002-03-07 pschwan- module insert code moved to tests/common.sh
2002-03-03 pschwanMerged branch 'peter' with the tip. Pre-merge tag...
2002-02-27 braam- bug fix to unload modules with safe wait functions
2002-02-24 pschwanThe most tedious patch in history. Changes almost...
2002-02-24 pschwan- Added DEBUG_SUBSYSTEMs
2002-02-21 braam- elimininate the system calls from filter obd
2002-02-19 braamThis adds most of the metadata infrastructure: I think...
2002-01-28 braamChanges for file creation and small fixes.
2002-01-23 braamIt's been a good day: chmod/chown and friends now work...
2002-01-21 braam assorted bug fixes and a working directory readpage...
2002-01-20 braamSmall fixes to get lustre_light mount working over...
2002-01-20 braamSmall fixes to the request processing.