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LU-1866 osd: ancillary work for initial OI scrub
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / kernel_patches /
2013-01-26 yangshengLU-2517 kernel: Kernel update [RHEL6.3 2.6.32-279.19...
2013-01-08 yangshengLU-992 kernel: deprecate RHEL5 server support for master
2012-12-19 Andreas DilgerLU-20 build: fix confirmpatches, remove old patches
2012-12-04 James SimmonsLU-2373 kernel: Kernel update [RHEL6.3 2.6.32-279.14...
2012-11-28 Andreas DilgerLU-20 kernel: add descriptions to kernel patches
2012-11-15 Peng TaoLU-1113 llite: hide DCACHE_LUSTRE_INVALID in ll_dentry_data
2012-10-09 James SimmonsLU-1691 kernel: kernel update [SLES11 SP2 3.0.34-0...
2012-09-13 yangshengLU-1808 build: Lustre build does not support FC15.
2012-08-21 yangshengLU-1754 kernel: Kernel update [RHEL 6.3 2.6.32-279...
2012-07-31 yangshengLU-1477 kernel: Kernel update [RHEL6.3 2.6.32-279.2...
2012-05-23 yangshengLU-1424 kernel: Kernel update [RHEL6.2 2.6.32-220.17...
2012-05-17 Brian BehlendorfLU-936 Remove LUSTRE_KERNEL_VERSION
2012-05-08 yangshengLU-1358 kernel: Kernel update [RHEL6.2 2.6.32-220.13...
2012-04-30 yangshengLU-1312 kernel: crash at boot time in isci driver
2012-04-10 yangshengLU-1241 kernel: Kernel update [RHEL6.2 2.6.32-220.7...
2012-03-29 Brian BehlendorfLU-354 test: Change dev_set_rdonly() check to warning
2012-03-01 Andreas DilgerLU-433 ldiskfs: fix up patch comment for 2.2
2012-02-23 yangshengLU-1120 kernel: kernel update [RHEL6.2 2.6.32-220.4.2]
2012-02-18 yangshengLU-1054 kernel: Kernel update [RHEL6.2 2.6.32-220.4...
2012-02-16 Fan YongLU-883 ldiskfs: drop unused diagnostic information
2012-01-24 yangshengLU-781 kernel: kernel update [RHEL6.2 2.6.32-220]
2011-12-12 yangshengLU-50 kernel: configurable BH LRU size
2011-12-12 yangshengLU-824 corrupted ldiskfs after md rebuild (bz24264)
2011-11-21 Niu YaweiLU-745 kernel: ost-pools test_23 hung
2011-11-21 yangshengLU-624 Kernel update [RHEL6.1 2.6.32-131.17.1.el6]
2011-10-06 Bobi JamLU-433 remove jbd2-jcberr patch from kernel
2011-07-29 yangshengLU-527 Update RHEL6 kernel to 2.6.32-131.6.1 security...
2011-07-29 Andreas DilgerLU-20 remove unnecessary DMU export patch
2011-07-29 Andreas DilgerLU-228 kernel: remove more unused kernel patches
2011-07-29 Andreas DilgerLU-73 kernel: remove wrong jbd2 commit timer patch
2011-07-29 yangshengLU-528 Update RHEL5 kernel to 2.6.18-238.19.1 security...
2011-07-08 yangshengLU-469 Build with lustre own kernel config file.
2011-06-15 Christopher J. MorroneLU-304 Remove Cray-specific LICENSE files.
2011-06-14 Richard HenwoodLU-381 add in RHEL6 value for CONFIG_SECURITY_DMESG_RES...
2011-06-14 Oleg DrokinLU-403 Add support for RHEL5 kernel 2.6.18-238.12.1.el5
2011-06-10 Oleg DrokinLU-402 Update to rhel6.1 kernel 2.6.32-131.2.1.el6
2011-06-06 Alexey LyashkovLU-351 RHEL6 U1 support.
2011-05-21 yangshengLU-228 kernel update [RHEL5 U6 2.6.18-238.9.1.el5]
2011-05-19 Bobi JamLU-273 Remove export-show_task patch
2011-05-18 Brian J. MurrellLU-301 bump kernel version for sles11
2011-04-25 Alexey LyashkovLU-73 RHEL6 support.
2011-04-12 Johann LombardiLU-140 Remove leftovers of iopen
2011-04-08 Brian J. MurrellLU-73 add a kernel config for rhel6/i686
2011-03-25 Bobi JamLU-73 RHEL6 support.
2011-03-24 Bobi JamLU-73 RHEL6 support.
2011-03-22 Brian J. MurrellLU-73 lbuild and friends for RHEL6
2010-12-08 Zhiqi Taob=23193 Land ISER performance patch for Sundance
2010-12-07 Cliff Whiteb=23277 Increase kernel log buffer size to 256k
2010-11-23 yangshengb=23985 Fix upstream jbd2 issue.
2010-11-16 yangshengb=20744 Update to latest SLES10 SP3 kernel
2010-10-22 Brian J. Murrellb=20744 return ofed version to 1.5.1
2010-10-21 yangshengb=22514 Update RHEL5.5 & OEL5.5 to latest kernel.
2010-10-21 Brian J. Murrellb=20744 use Novell supplied ofed-devel
2010-10-18 Andrew Perepechkob=20533 set the default max_sectors to the raid5/6...
2010-09-27 Brian J. Murrellb=23721 remove rdac & mptlinux build; canon ofed
2010-09-21 Dmitry Zoginb=21137 sles11 with 1.8 is slower than 1.6 sles10 for...
2010-09-13 Rahul Deshmukhb=20092 Add kernel patch for symbol exports to 2.0...
2010-09-13 yangshengb=22514 kernel update for rhel5.5 & oel5.5.
2010-08-26 Johann Lombardib=22632 also build mptlinux on SLES11
2010-08-26 Brian J. Murrellb=22632 update mptsas driver to PH16-
2010-08-17 Brian J. Murrellb=23185 properly support sles10 ppc64
2010-06-30 Robert ReadRemove ia64 from oel5 target file.
2010-06-18 Robert ReadRemove remaining remnants of the CVS era.
2010-06-14 Brian J. Murrellb=19336 fix landing error
2010-06-10 Brian J. Murrellb=19336 post landing cleanups
2010-06-10 Brian J. Murrellb=19336 Get rid of the EXTRA_VERSION_DELIMETER shenanigans
2010-06-10 Johann Lombardib=22850 bump max number of phys/hw segment in RHEL5...
2010-05-25 Brian J. Murrellb=22787 update to ofed to 1.5.1
2010-05-24 Dmitry Zoginb=17086 LSI Fusion MPT driver hacks to improve performance
2010-04-29 Fan Yongb=16680 remove some noisy debug messages
2010-04-28 Robert Readb=22456 Remove files for unsupported kernels
2010-04-01 Fan Yongb=22299 do not set lustre read_only device when server...
2010-03-30 Brian J. Murrellb=21754 RPM version update fix
2010-03-18 Rahul Deshmukhb=22258 Build related changes to support fc12 on LBAT
2010-03-04 Rahul Deshmukhb=20738 FC11 support in Yala is needed
2010-03-02 Vitaly Fertmanb=20814 enable frame pointers for rhel5 kernels
2010-02-25 Fan Yongb=16680 diagnostic patch to verify lustre read-only...
2010-02-03 yangshengb=21632 Kernel update for RHEL5.4 2.6.18-164.11.1.el5.
2010-01-22 Rahul Deshmukhjbd2 spinlock hang fix for rhel5 and added error check
2010-01-20 yangshengb=20758 Update SLES10 kernel to
2010-01-06 Robert ReadRevert "b=19808 2.6.29-fc11 patchless client support"
2010-01-05 Rahul Deshmukhb=19808 2.6.29-fc11 patchless client support
2009-12-22 Robert ReadPrepare for Build 33 v1_10_0_33
2009-12-12 Brian ReitzIntroduce .gitignore files. GIT_EPOCH_MASTER
2009-11-27 brianb=20617
2009-11-12 yangshengBranch HEAD
2009-10-26 shadowadd 2.6.27 kernel support
2009-09-30 yangshengBranch HEAD
2009-09-30 yangshengBranch HEAD
2009-09-30 yangshengBranch HEAD
2009-09-19 robert.readBranch HEAD
2009-09-18 yangshengBranch HEAD
2009-09-12 dzogin Branch HEAD
2009-09-09 eebb=20668
2009-09-02 brianb=20595
2009-07-29 yangshengBranch HEAD
2009-07-29 yangshengBranch HEAD
2009-07-28 deshmukhb=16893,18503
2009-07-28 yangshengBranch HEAD
2009-07-24 adilgerBranch HEAD