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2004-04-27 nicb=3119
2004-04-23 adilgerLand b_smallfix onto HEAD (20040423_1603)
2004-04-16 adilgerLand b_smallfix onto HEAD (20040416_1638) (more 2.6...
2004-04-14 adilgerLand b_smallfix onto HEAD (20040414_1359)
2004-04-13 eeb* Landed b_cray_portals_merge.
2004-04-12 nicland b_inodebits
2004-04-08 nicb=3118
2004-04-07 adilgerFix patch breakage.
2004-04-07 jacobland b_smallfix 20040407_1414:
2004-04-01 nicb=3082
2004-03-24 adilgerHandle deleted working directory (from b1_2) for 2...
2004-03-23 adilgerEnable EXT3_FS_XATTR in defconfig for new kernel config...
2004-03-19 phil- Fix some b_1414 build and formatting issues
2004-03-19 shaochengLanding b_bug1414
2004-03-19 philland b_cray_delivery on HEAD
2004-03-19 zabb=2776
2004-03-18 adilgerLand b1_2 onto HEAD (20040317_2319)
2004-03-17 nicland b_v26 (20040316_1603)
2004-03-05 adilgerLand b1_2 onto HEAD (20040304_171022)
2004-03-01 yuryUpdated iopen patch for tmpfs.
2004-02-24 adilgerLand b_smallfix onto HEAD (20040223_1817)
2004-02-23 philb=1021,2720
2004-02-23 ericmport several patches to 2.6.3
2004-02-14 rreadland b_eq on HEAD
2004-02-10 adilgerLanding b_smallfix onto HEAD (20040210_1202)
2004-02-09 adilgerFix truncate-vs-write corruption - truncate wasn't...
2004-02-09 adilgerFix for failed assertion in iopen_connect_dentry (2...
2004-02-09 yuryAdded tmpfs-xattr patch for vanilla 2.4.20
2004-02-06 alex- use-after-free debugging tool against 2.4.24
2004-02-06 alex- we have to get undo access for block bitmaps
2004-02-06 alex- few additional asserts added
2004-02-05 alex- ext3 batching allocation against suse2 series
2004-02-05 alex- export few extents-related functions
2004-02-03 alex- series for uml on 2.6.0
2004-01-30 alex- ext3_ext_insert_extent() tries to merge as many exten...
2004-01-30 alex- ext3_ext_new_extent_cb() unmaps buffer_heads in order...
2004-01-29 alex- initial implementation of batching block allocator...
2004-01-29 alex- internal testing and extra checks should be disabled...
2004-01-29 alex- locking reworked in ext3_ext_new_extent_cb(). this...
2004-01-28 alexchanges in extents:
2004-01-27 adilgerDon't dereference NULL dentry for NFS root (BG/l testing).
2004-01-27 wangdiadd ext3-record-extents-ea.patch for sparse extents...
2004-01-27 wangdirename snapfs-core-2.4.20.patch to ext3-snapfs-2.4...
2004-01-26 alex- port of extents for 2.4.21-suse2 series
2004-01-26 wangdi1)In migration, get rid of page and buffer of src inode...
2004-01-24 alex- reworked extents patch against 2.4.20
2004-01-23 alex- minor bug fixed in ea-in-inode for ext3
2004-01-19 wangdisome fix in delete snapshot
2004-01-17 wangdi1 add some initial snapfs process in ext3_readsupre...
2004-01-16 wangdiupdate snapfs kernel patch 1)rewrite ext3_copy_blk...
2004-01-15 alex- 2.6 fixes landed
2004-01-13 alex- 2.4.19-pre1 misses some xattr definitions in include...
2004-01-13 alex- ext3_stop_delete_thread() has to wait for nullified...
2004-01-13 alex- top of extents patch was corrupted
2004-01-12 alex- refreshed version of the patch
2004-01-12 alex- procfs-ndynamic against 2.4 kernels
2004-01-12 wangdiadd handle args in migrate_data and copy_meta
2004-01-11 alex- truncate case sets i_nlink to 1
2004-01-11 alex- initial release of reworked ext3-delete-thread for...
2004-01-10 alex- series against second suse 2.4.21 kernel
2004-01-10 alex- vanilla-2.4.24 series and needed patches
2004-01-09 wangdiadd loop_device_get_info.patch in snapfs series
2004-01-09 wangdifix some bug in snap-core.patch 1) add some item in...
2004-01-08 adilgerFix typo in patch.
2004-01-05 wangdireomve i_filterdata in this patch, for vfs_intent patch...
2004-01-04 wangdioops make a mistake, change snapfs_core-2.4.20.path...
2004-01-04 wangdiadd snapfs_core-2.4.20.path
2003-12-30 alex- patch from Oleg to export get_kmem_end in UML kernel
2003-12-19 alex- tcp_sendpage_zccd() must be exported always
2003-12-15 alex- large kernel address space support against vanilla...
2003-12-14 alex- xattr-related fixes against chaos-2.4.21
2003-12-12 alex- chaos-2.4.21 series against 2.4.21-p4smp-12chaos
2003-12-10 alex- kernel_text_address patch against chaos-2.4.18 series
2003-12-10 alex- list_for_each_entry_safe(), list_move() and list_move...
2003-12-10 alex- list_for_each_entry() added
2003-12-09 wangchaob=2284
2003-12-09 wangchaob=2284
2003-12-04 alex- suse-2.4.21 builds on x86_64 now
2003-12-04 alex- tcp_sendpage_zccd() must be exported always
2003-12-04 alex- tcp_sendpage_zccd() must be exported always
2003-12-03 philland 1.0.1 fixes on main development branch (head)
2003-12-03 philland v0.9.1 on HEAD, in preparation for a 1.0.x branch
2003-09-12 adilgerMerge crash after IO error fix.
2003-09-09 adilgerFix up vfs_intent-2.4.20-rh from -vanilla and -chaos.
2003-08-22 philfix socknal build on vanilla kernels by adding socket...
2003-07-25 philmerge b_devel into HEAD, which will become 0.7.3
2003-07-25 philmerge b_devel into HEAD, which will become 0.7.3
2003-07-03 pschwanmerge b_devel into HEAD (20030703)
2003-06-26 pschwanmerge b_devel into HEAD (20030626 merge tag) for 0.7.1
2003-06-12 pschwan- merge 0.7rc1 from b_devel to HEAD (20030612 merge...
2003-03-11 pschwanmerge b_devel into HEAD. Includes:
2003-03-02 pschwanland b_devel onto HEAD (b_devel will remain)
2003-02-07 pschwanMerge b_md into HEAD
2002-12-19 rread* reinstate some patches accidentally removed
2002-12-19 rread* New LMC Interface
2002-12-16 braam- Phil's intent fix for middle of symlink lookups.
2002-12-16 braam- add more patch series files. We have now obsoleted...
2002-12-14 braam- this time added with -ko
2002-12-14 braam- redo the addition of the patch, forgot -ko
2002-12-14 braamadd patch fixups for Red Hat 2.4.18-18.8.0 kernel