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LU-11997 ptlrpc: Properly swab ll_fiemap_info_key
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / include / lustre_swab.h
2019-10-18 Oleg DrokinLU-11997 ptlrpc: Properly swab ll_fiemap_info_key 08/36308/7
2019-08-21 Jian YuLU-12589 llite: swab LOV EA data in ll_getxattr_lov() 26/35626/4
2019-07-27 Jian YuLU-10100 llite: swab LOV EA user data 91/35291/12
2018-08-06 Fan YongLU-10288 lfsck: layout LFSCK for mirrored file 05/32705/5
2018-01-09 Andreas DilgerLU-10308 misc: update Intel copyright messages for... 41/30341/4
2017-11-24 Jinshan XiongLU-9771 flr: resync support and test tool 96/29096/21
2017-08-13 James SimmonsLU-6401 uapi: migrate remaining uapi headers to uapi... 46/25246/12
2017-04-06 Fan YongLU-8998 pfl: enhance PFID EA for PFL
2017-04-06 Niu YaweiLU-8998 pfl: Basic data structures for composite layout
2017-03-09 Fan YongLU-8900 snapshot: new config for MDT write barrier 62/24262/18
2016-12-17 Andreas DilgerLU-8901 misc: update Intel copyright messages for 2016 33/24233/4
2016-08-22 Ben EvansLU-6401 headers: Move functions out of lustre_idl.h 84/21484/5
2016-06-20 Fan YongLU-6971 cleanup: not support remote client anymore 89/19789/13
2016-04-17 Li XiLU-4931 ladvise: Add feature of giving file access... 29/10029/52
2016-01-14 Ben EvansLU-6401 headers: move swab functions to new header... 39/16339/11