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[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre-iokit /
2006-12-29 nathancleanup title
2006-12-15 scjodyBranch HEAD
2006-12-08 nathanalign text output
2006-12-06 scjodyBranch HEAD
2006-11-30 nathanb=10958
2006-11-01 cliffwRemoving IOR tarball
2006-11-01 cliffwFOrce path to /usr/local
2006-11-01 cliffwFixes
2006-11-01 cliffwRenamed
2006-11-01 cliffwChanged quotes for newer bash
2006-11-01 cliffwAdded missing files
2006-11-01 cliffwUpaating the kit to use autoconf, and to build RPMs...
2006-10-31 nathanb=10959
2006-10-31 nathanb=10959
2006-10-31 nathanb=10959
2006-10-31 nathanb=10959
2006-10-30 nathanb=10959
2006-10-28 nathanfix some probs with 1.6
2006-09-12 nathanb=22481
2006-08-24 cliffwb=10851
2006-06-22 cliffwAdded scripts to parse output per Peter Braam
2006-05-18 eeb* Applied obdfilter-survey fix from 10490 (all the...
2006-04-03 cliffwRemoved per Peter Bojanic. Will return if the code...
2006-03-31 cliffwb=10371
2006-03-23 cliffwAdded support for raw devices
2006-03-23 scjodyMerge ... old CVS version; this should now contain...
2006-03-03 scjodyComment out SCSI devices in sgpdd-survey per Peter...
2006-03-03 scjodyUpdate based on lustre-iokit-20051107.tar.gz from the...
2005-12-22 nicadd vmstat running in parallel
2005-12-16 nic- allow most everything to be overridden on the command...
2005-10-21 brianArray element access in bash MUST be enclosed with {}.
2005-10-06 nicallow vars to be overriden from the command line
2005-06-21 nicmove awk script into bash, as strtonum() is broken...
2005-05-31 nicadd larry's changes that allow using mpirun or yod...
2005-05-11 nkjadded dependency listing of IOR for ior-survey
2005-04-28 adilgermake it clear that this is a destructive test
2004-10-15 eeb* Fixed bug in test enumeration
2004-10-11 eeb* more cleanups
2004-10-07 eeb* ior-survey taking shape
2004-10-07 eeb* Updated obdfilter-survey to drive non-local obdfilt...
2004-10-05 eeb* changed parameter defaults
2004-10-04 eeb* Changed sgpdd-survey summary field widths to ensure...
2004-10-02 eeb* fixed multi-dev reporting buglet
2004-10-02 eeb* Debugged sgpdd-survey multi-device support on Bull...
2004-10-01 eeb* Added ior-survey (still being developed)
2004-09-30 eeb* Added obdfilter-survey + README
2004-09-29 eeb* Cleaned up sgpdd-survey