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- CROW-related fixes from b_hd_mdref
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2005-07-01 eeb* Changed default vib tx descriptor pool sizes
2005-06-29 eeb* Removed misleading comment about the # of tx descs
2005-06-28 adilgerBranch b1_4
2005-06-28 eeb* vibnal: ensure FMR flushed on error
2005-06-22 jacobadd directory commands to gdb script
2005-06-19 adilgerLand b_release_1_4_3 onto HEAD (20050619_0305)
2005-06-17 eeb* Backed out vib magic change; it's not required since...
2005-06-17 eeb* Make vibnal's magic unique before binary compatibi...
2005-06-16 eeb* Use FMR in vibnal to avoid allocating huge contig...
2005-06-16 wangchaochange back on PTL_NETID_ANY in portals, which was...
2005-06-16 wangchaolctl flush command to flush the cache of idmap, lsd...
2005-06-15 eeb* Removed spurious vibnal CERROR
2005-06-14 wangdiBranch:b_hd_crypto
2005-06-13 alex- update from HEAD
2005-06-11 eeb* 6474: changes to low-level vibnal IB QP tunables
2005-06-09 eeb* vibnal 6361 fix: change QP creation tunables & HCA...
2005-06-03 eeb* Fixed 5858: vibnal arp retries
2005-05-31 adilgerBranch b1_4
2005-05-31 eeb* Fix for 6357: handle RapidArray memory registration...
2005-05-27 adilgerBranch b1_4
2005-05-24 alex- enable tcp keepalive back
2005-05-24 alex- disable tcp keepalive for debugging purpose
2005-05-20 phil- Fixes a catstrophic bug introduced in the merge,...
2005-05-19 philadd some real userspace definitions for CDEBUG et al
2005-05-19 jacobb=6336
2005-05-19 jacobb=6336
2005-05-05 nathanr=adilger (awhile ago)
2005-05-03 jacobperl got away from me
2005-05-03 jacobb=3031
2005-05-03 jacobb=3031
2005-05-03 jacobb=3031
2005-05-03 eeb* 6241
2005-04-29 liangzhenPatch for collect_pages_on_cpu() in tracefile.
2005-04-25 eeb* fix for 5852: vibnal HIGHMEM issues. Ensure ia64...
2005-04-19 jacobadd support for sles 8:
2005-04-19 jacobb=b=6065
2005-04-12 eeb* removed unused lib_nal_t abstraction
2005-04-12 alexb=6136
2005-04-12 eeb* fix for 4580 vibnal NULL deref in arp callback
2005-04-07 alex- disable CDEBUG() ratelimit for a while
2005-04-06 adilgerBranch: b1_4
2005-04-06 eeb* Updated gmnalnid.c with patch from HP
2005-04-06 eeb* changed vibnal compilation checks to allow gcc ...
2005-04-05 jacobb=5667
2005-04-05 eeb* 5852 vibnal highmem fix to always use page_to_phys...
2005-04-05 eeb* fixed libcfs watchdog CWARN; units are mS, not uS
2005-04-05 adilgerBranch: b_cray
2005-04-05 eeb* ranal connection setup changes from Igor (bug 5915)
2005-04-04 jacobland b1_4_bgl on HEAD (20050404_1913)
2005-04-04 eeb* 5852 vibnal patch to detect __u64/void* vv_scatgat_...
2005-03-31 ericmland portals part of b_hd_sec on HEAD.
2005-03-31 eeb* 6020 openibnal CM callback fixes
2005-03-31 eeb* Fix for 5998: LASSERT(kibnal_peer_active(peer))
2005-03-31 eeb* Fixed bad LASSERT in qswnal (= instead of ==)
2005-03-30 eeb* Removed '-Wall' from ranal build
2005-03-30 eeb* Fixed trailing ';' on #define PORTALS_CFG_VERSION
2005-03-30 eeb* Changed --with-iib to allow a path to the installe...
2005-03-30 adilgerBranch: b_cray
2005-03-29 yury- update from HEAD.
2005-03-29 jacobr=phil
2005-03-26 adilgerBranch: b_cray
2005-03-25 adilgerBranch: b1_4
2005-03-18 eeb* forgot to re-do wirecheck on last commit (vibnal...
2005-03-18 eeb* "proper" fix for 5890: fixed the misplaced vibnal...
2005-03-17 adilgerBranch: HEAD
2005-03-17 eeb* fix for 5890: different compilers produce different...
2005-03-17 eeb* vibnal fix + earlier arp failure reporting for...
2005-03-16 eeb* fix for 5876 to change vibnal connection request...
2005-03-16 niuadd debug mask for quota
2005-03-11 eeb* fixed bug tracefile.c: tage_alloc() as encountered...
2005-03-11 eeb* fixed 5000: socknal autoconnect race (outgoing...
2005-03-11 yury- update from HEAD
2005-03-10 eeb* fix for 5809: vibnal tx_sending race
2005-03-08 liuduouptodate with HEAD, resovle lots of conflictions
2005-03-07 eeb* further lctl debug_file fixes
2005-03-07 eeb* vibnal fixes
2005-03-06 adilgerBranch: b1_4
2005-03-03 eeb* Fix for 5806: vibnal NULL arp_data deref
2005-03-03 eeb* fix for 5722 openibnal: NULL dereference in kibnal_...
2005-03-02 jacobPatch from HP to support external qsnet.
2005-03-02 jacobb=5786
2005-03-02 eeb* Fixed 5708: openib reconnect on client reboot issues
2005-03-02 adilgerMerge b1_4_smallfix from b1_4 (20050301_1341)
2005-03-01 eeb* Fixed ranal setup/teardown bug that ran a device...
2005-03-01 nathanb=4834
2005-03-01 philSome, but not all, of the GMnal updates submitted by HP.
2005-03-01 philTurn a CERROR into a CWARN. HP patch quieten_console_e...
2005-02-24 eeb* vibnal HIGHMEM hacking
2005-02-24 eeb* simpified vibnal rdma setup
2005-02-24 eeb* Fixed the vibnal resilience-in-the-face-of-peer...
2005-02-23 eeb* First cut working vibnal
2005-02-23 eeb* removed unused #defines in RANAL
2005-02-15 jacobb=5684
2005-02-14 eeb* Added loopback optimisation to lib-move.c
2005-02-12 eeb* fixed bug in handling timed out RapkSetRiParams()
2005-02-12 philI keep finding these trees that I have, with little...
2005-02-12 eeb* Coded for new connection handshake.
2005-02-11 eeb* ghastly hack to serialise RapkSetRiParams with...
2005-02-11 niconly build ksocknal with modules enabled
2005-02-11 jacoboriginally by phil