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LU-1098 debug: lower debug message level
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2012-01-05 James SimmonsLU-250 lnet: Router random shuffling support
2011-12-29 yangshengLU-506 kernel: FC15 - fix GCC 'set-but-unused' warnings
2011-11-22 yangshengLU-506 FC15: ctl_name & strategy removed from ctl_table.
2011-10-23 Wally WangLU-443 LNet: Only squawk when md->start is NULL on...
2011-10-05 Andreas DilgerLU-459 quiet too noisy console messages at mount
2011-08-12 Christopher J. MorroneLU-455 Replace DIST_SOURCES with EXTRA_DIST
2011-07-26 Alexey LyashkovLU-502 don't allow to kill service threads by OOM killer.
2010-11-23 minhdiepb=21525 debug enhancements + minor comment updates
2010-11-04 Cliff Whiteb=20805 rate limit D_NETERR messages
2010-09-06 Maxim Patlasovb=19700 remove obsolete IB LNDs from HEAD
2010-08-31 Brian Behlendorfb=16909 CERROR to LCONSOLE_WARN for lnet_send errors
2010-08-24 Cliff Whiteb=16909 add CNETERR() cleanup console messages
2010-08-20 Isaac Huangb=23179 MDS node unresponsive
2010-08-19 Isaac Huangb=20973 Doxygen comments for LNet API
2010-08-19 Liang Zhenb21619 hash ME on RDMA portal i=isaac i=maxim
2010-07-19 Mikhail PershinRevert "b=20355 formalize support for pthreads"
2010-07-02 Isaac Huangb=21776 Use atomic memory allocation when VM is flushin...
2010-06-30 Robert ReadMass conversion of all copyright messages to Oracle.
2010-06-24 Robert ReadUpdate copyright messages.
2010-06-22 Brian J. Murrellb=20355 formalize support for pthreads
2010-06-18 Robert ReadRemove remaining remnants of the CVS era.
2010-06-14 Robert ReadUpdate copyrights on source files changed since 2010...
2010-05-24 Rahul Deshmukhb=21951 2.6.32-fc13 patchless client support for HEAD
2010-03-04 Rahul Deshmukhb=21500 2.6.31-fc12 patchless client support
2010-01-14 Lisa Weekb=17167 libcfs: ensure all libcfs exported symbols...
2009-12-12 Brian ReitzIntroduce .gitignore files. GIT_EPOCH_MASTER
2009-12-07 isaaci=maxim,i=chris,b=21459:
2009-12-01 isaaci=liang,b=15332,b=21103:
2009-12-01 isaaci=liang,b=15332,b=21103:
2009-12-01 isaaci=maxim,b=18460,b=20171:
2009-10-09 brianb=19720
2009-09-15 maximb=18102
2009-07-08 isaaci=liang,b=13065:
2009-05-05 isaacb=15332,i=liang:
2009-04-27 isaac- back out peer_buffer_credits changes, as requested...
2009-04-23 isaacb=15332,i=liang:
2009-04-15 maximb=18844
2009-04-07 maximb=18414
2009-02-19 isaac- removed used function lnet_nid_alive_locked.
2009-02-17 isaacb=16186,i=liangzhen,i=maxim:
2009-02-03 maximb=14132
2009-01-07 liangzhenBranch HEAD
2008-11-27 vsBranch HEAD
2008-11-20 shadowfirst part of 2.6.26 support (lnet/libcfs part)
2008-11-11 liangzhenBranch HEAD
2008-11-06 zamBranch HEAD
2008-10-07 mattwub=16150
2008-10-01 isaac- removed an unnecesary header inclusion.
2008-09-23 deenThis is a debugging patch from LLNL for a rare list...
2008-08-22 adilgerBranch HEAD
2008-08-07 kalpakb=16098
2008-08-06 robert.readLand b_head_libcfs onto HEAD (20080805_1715)
2008-08-01 liangzhenBranch HEAD
2008-08-01 isaacb=13139,i=liangzhen,i=maxim:
2008-07-31 isaac- removed an obsolete forward ref.
2008-07-30 liangzhenBranch HEAD
2008-07-30 isaaci=liangzhen,i=maxim,b=16022:
2008-07-27 kalpakb=16098
2008-07-14 isaac- on returning -EBUSY in LNetEQFree, print eq_refcoun...
2008-07-03 isaac- removed trailing spaces and converted tabs.
2008-06-11 isaac- remove trailing spaces, expand tabs.
2008-06-05 isaaci=liang:
2008-05-10 isaacb=15272
2008-05-07 walterb=14091
2008-04-24 shadowuse generic LIST_HEAD macros instead of linux specific.
2008-04-16 liangzhenBranch HEAD
2008-01-29 bobijamBranch b1_6
2007-12-18 maximb=14387
2007-12-10 isaacb=14238, i=liangzhen, i=maxim:
2007-12-04 isaac- fixed a comment typo.
2007-11-29 isaacb=14324, i=liangzhen:
2007-09-28 maximb=12302
2007-09-12 isaaci=eeb:
2007-08-31 isaacb=10778,i=eeb:
2007-08-03 eeb* Changed LNET "dropped message" CERRORs to D_NETERROR...
2007-07-20 eeb* 12982 - Increased default router buffer pool sizes...
2007-07-10 isaac- fixed typo in a comment.
2007-07-04 isaaci=eeb:
2007-06-22 isaac- added LNET self test (landing b_self_test).
2007-06-14 liangzhenRemove unnecessary variables from lnet_proc_init
2007-06-14 shadowadd macro LCONSOLE_ERROR_MSG with extra parameter and map
2007-06-13 jitendraThis update includes Hex error ID's and checksum calcul...
2007-05-30 isaaci=eeb
2007-05-25 eeb* changed /proc/sys/lnet/peers and debug peer output...
2007-05-10 eeb* removed lnet router upcalls
2007-05-08 eebSeverity : major
2007-05-02 scjodyBranch b1_4
2007-05-02 scjodyBranch HEAD
2007-04-17 liangzhenclear msg->msg_onactivelist before calling of lnet_msg_...
2007-02-26 isaacb=10316,r=eeb:
2007-02-10 nathanLanding b_hd_newconfig on HEAD
2005-05-03 jacobb=3031
2005-05-03 jacobb=3031
2005-03-29 yury- update from HEAD.
2005-03-29 jacobr=phil
2005-03-26 adilgerBranch: b_cray
2005-02-14 eeb* Added loopback optimisation to lib-move.c
2005-02-12 philI keep finding these trees that I have, with little...
2005-02-10 philremoved some empty files (authors, news, readme)
2005-02-05 jacobAdd empty install-data-hook rule on non-darwin