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LU-14945 lnet: don't use hops to determine the route state
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2021-08-18 Serguei SmirnovLU-12815 socklnd: set conns_per_peer based on link... 17/44417/4
2021-06-30 James SimmonsLU-9680 utils: add netlink infrastructure 30/34230/36
2021-04-09 Serguei SmirnovLU-14588 o2ib: make config script aware of the ofed... 23/43223/2
2021-03-09 Sergey GorenkoLU-14488 o2ib: Use rdma_connect_locked if it is defined 87/41887/5
2021-01-12 Mr NeilBrownLU-13783 o2iblnd: make FMR-pool support optional. 87/40287/6
2020-08-07 Sergey GorenkoLU-13761 o2ib: Fix compilation with MOFED 5.1 23/39323/5
2020-06-06 Jian YuLU-13488 kernel: new kernel [RHEL 8.2 4.18.0-193.1... 10/38410/9
2020-05-27 Shaun TancheffLU-13485 build: Enable 2 stage configure tests 47/38347/4
2020-04-07 Amir ShehataLU-13385 lnet: Calculate IB service-id 45/38045/6
2020-03-01 Shaun TancheffLU-12945 lnet: Disable zero copy when running on VM 00/37300/9
2020-02-20 Mr NeilBrownLU-10391 lnet: discard lnet_sock_accept() 03/37303/4
2019-11-12 Patrick FarrellLU-12477 lnet: Remove obsolete config options 43/35343/5
2019-09-27 Sergey GorenkoLU-12789 o2ib: fix configure checks 45/36245/2
2019-08-02 Shaun TancheffLU-12405 lnet: Oracle OFED extensions default to on 92/35292/6
2019-07-27 Shaun TancheffLU-12400 lnet: Infiniband sg_dma changes for linux 5.1 97/35497/5
2019-06-16 Shaun TancheffLU-12355 lnet: Adjust checks for ib_device_ops 16/35016/4
2019-06-01 Olaf FaalandLU-11946 build: no yaml check during configure --enable... 12/34812/2
2019-05-10 Li DongyangLU-11838 lnet: getname dropping addrlen argument 72/34672/4
2019-05-09 Jian YuLU-12276 lnet: check const parameters for ib_post_send... 37/34837/3
2018-11-27 Ake SandgrenLU-11541 build: Use correct kernel version for DKMS... 02/33702/3
2018-11-21 Ake SandgrenLU-11541 build: Adjust OFED check for DKMS enabled... 96/33396/10
2018-07-30 Li DongyangLU-11071 build: Add server build support for Ubuntu... 13/32613/10
2018-05-02 Andreas DilgerLU-10886 build: fix warnings during autoconf 04/31904/2
2018-04-14 James SimmonsLU-10157 lnet: make LNET_MAX_IOV dependent on page... 59/31559/5
2017-12-01 James SimmonsLU-9897 utils: make liblnetconfig a hard requirment 04/30204/3
2017-09-13 Alexey LyashkovLU-9810 lnet: fix build with M-OFED 4.1 77/28277/4
2017-08-05 James SimmonsLU-6245 uapi: move libcfs/lnet UAPI header into own... 89/28089/7
2017-08-01 Amir ShehataLU-9203 lnet: fix lnet_cpt_of_md() 65/28165/7
2017-07-19 James SimmonsLU-9558 lnet: kernel socket accept takes new bool agrument 42/27642/2
2017-05-12 Doug OucharekLU-9456 lnd: Change sock_create() to sock_create_kern() 58/26958/6
2017-05-09 Chris HornLU-9447 o2iblnd: Check for 2 arg ib_alloc_pd 34/26934/3
2017-03-23 Dmitry EreminLU-9026 o2iblnd: Adapt to the removal of ib_get_dma_mr() 77/25277/10
2016-09-02 Christopher J. MorroneLU-8540 o2iblnd: Add support for 5arg ib_map_mr_sg() 26/22126/2
2016-08-06 Dmitry EreminLU-8401 lnet: remove dependency on OFED headers from... 17/21317/4
2016-07-05 Li DongyangLU-8056 o2iblnd: ib_query_device removed in 4.5 21/20221/7
2016-06-20 Minh DiepLU-5953 build: use installed OFED by default with dpkg 23/20523/3
2016-06-14 Dmitry EreminLU-8241 ofed: fix compilation with MOFED 3.3 44/20644/3
2016-05-27 Dmitry EreminLU-6215 lnet: split struct ib_send_wr 68/19168/10
2016-05-16 Li DongyangLU-6215 o2iblnd: port to new fast reg API introduced... 86/19186/5
2016-04-28 Li DongyangLU-6215 o2iblnd: rdma_create_id() takes extra parameter 59/18759/6
2016-04-28 Li DongyangLU-6215 o2iblnd: ib_alloc_fast_reg_mr() removed in 4.3 85/19185/2
2016-03-13 Dmitry EreminLU-5783 o2iblnd: Add Fast Reg memory registration support 06/17606/9
2015-09-19 Dmitry EreminLU-7042 lnet: Handle OFED 3.18 packaging definitions 18/16418/3
2015-09-19 Wang ShilongLU-7090 deb: fix wrong IB path for configure 83/16183/5
2015-09-15 James SimmonsLU-6215 ofed: strengthen ib_create_cq test in 4.2+... 42/16342/3
2015-09-02 James SimmonsLU-6215 o2iblnd: handle new struct ib_cq_init_attr 18/16118/2
2015-08-29 Dmitry EreminLU-6912 lnet: rework autoconf rules for external OFED 11/15811/4
2015-08-26 Dmitry EreminLU-6962 lnet: remove old unsupported OFEDs checks 64/15864/4
2015-07-29 Chris HornLU-6769 build: Test for kthread_worker support 28/15428/6
2015-07-29 Nathaniel ClarkLU-5597 build: Ensure MOFED Module symvers are used 98/15498/4
2015-07-25 James SimmonsLU-6790 build: handle external Intel OFED stack 82/15582/2
2015-07-10 James SimmonsLU-6763 lnet: test for sk_sleep presence in compact... 86/15386/9
2015-05-28 Dmitry EreminLU-6484 build: autoconf checks cleanup 41/14541/6
2015-05-01 Wang ShilongLU-6323 build: fix debian to compile with external IB 49/13949/2
2015-04-06 frank zagoLU-5710 corrected some typos and grammar errors 01/12201/13
2015-03-25 Bruno FacciniLU-5953 build: use installed OFED by default 86/12686/19
2015-03-08 James SimmonsLU-6209 lnet: Delete all obsolete LND drivers 63/13663/4
2015-02-03 John L. HammondLU-2675 lnet: assume a kernel build 21/13121/6
2015-01-19 Minh DiepLU-6018 conf: replace RHEL_KERNEL_VERSION with RHEL_REL... 33/13033/3
2015-01-04 John L. HammondLU-2675 build: remove obsolete Kernelenv files 96/13196/2
2014-12-26 John L. HammondLU-2675 lnet: remove lnet/include/lnet/linux/ 32/12932/4
2014-12-18 Dmitry EreminLU-6001 build: fix autoconf DLC detection output 31/13031/2
2014-12-04 John L. HammondLU-2675 lnet: remove ulnds 17/12117/3
2014-10-22 Amir ShehataLU-2456 lnet: DLC user space Configuration library 25/8025/63
2014-08-15 John L. HammondLU-2675 build: remove Darwin "support" 23/11423/2
2014-07-20 Dmitry EreminLU-5334 lnet: fix build with OFED-3.5-2-MIC-beta1 04/11104/2
2014-07-15 James SimmonsLU-5322 socklnd: handle sk_ready_data change in 3.15... 59/11059/3
2014-06-16 Thomas StiborLU-3382 build: clean unused link dependencies 27/6427/11
2014-05-20 John L. HammondLU-4961 build: remove libsysio and liblustre autoconf... 01/10201/2
2014-04-22 Dmitry EreminLU-3953 build: cache the results of configure between... 82/9582/7
2014-02-21 James SimmonsLU-4196 build: Reenable OFED-3.5 support on SLES11 84/8884/7
2014-02-10 yangshengLU-4287 kernel: kernel update RHEL6.5 [2.6.32-431.3... 49/8549/25
2014-01-11 James SimmonsLU-1422 lnet: eliminate obsolete Cray SeaStar support 69/7469/8
2013-12-16 Dmitry EreminLU-4266 build: fix lbuild to work with OFED-3.5-x 51/8451/4
2013-10-25 James SimmonsLU-2800 autoconf: remove LN_5ARGS_SYSCTL_PROC_HANDLER... 11/5411/9
2013-09-20 Minh DiepLU-3900 autoconf: use set_cpus_allowed_ptr for CPU_AFFINITY 82/7582/2
2013-06-21 Shuichi IharaLU-3166 build: Fix failed OFED event checking on OFED-3.5 48/6048/2
2013-06-11 Peng TaoLU-2335 kernel: add CONFIG_ prefix to config values
2013-03-13 Shuichi IharaLU-1468 o2iblnd: Support OFED-3.5 for o2ib
2013-01-08 John L. HammondLU-2288 build: Support build-id links for kernel modules
2012-12-19 James SimmonsLU-1419 lnet: Add support for Cray's Gemini interconnect
2012-08-08 Andreas DilgerLU-1617 build: skip generated files in .gitignore
2012-07-13 Andreas DilgerLU-1481 build: quiet warnings due to := assignment
2012-07-05 James SimmonsLU-1422 lnet: eliminate obsolete Cray Catamount support
2012-05-09 Ned A. BassLU-251 Fix gcc configure warnings
2012-05-09 Peng TaoLU-709 build: cleanup lustre-lnet.m4 and ofed.m4
2012-04-04 James SimmonsLU-709 build: Remove last bit of HAVE_GFP_T
2012-02-17 Shuichi IharaLU-1050 o2iblnd: fix checking order of rdma_create_id...
2011-12-09 yangshengLU-506 kernel: FC15 - tcp_sendpage() uses struct sock.
2011-11-06 Ned BassLU-778 o2iblnd: Add rdma_create_id() compatibility...
2011-06-07 Christopher J. MorroneLU-165: Support privileged ports in the o2iblnd driver.
2010-11-18 Isaac Huangb=20153 add IB bonding failover support to o2iblnd
2010-09-06 Maxim Patlasovb=19700 remove obsolete IB LNDs from HEAD
2010-07-19 Mikhail PershinRevert "b=20355 formalize support for pthreads"
2010-07-06 Isaac Huangb=22745 Removed gmlnd from lnet.
2010-06-22 Brian J. Murrellb=20355 formalize support for pthreads
2010-06-18 Robert ReadRemove remaining remnants of the CVS era.
2010-05-24 Rahul Deshmukhb=21951 2.6.32-fc13 patchless client support for HEAD
2010-03-30 Brian J. Murrellb=21666 prevent use of OFED source dir instead of headers
2010-03-03 Brian J. Murrellb=21380 make dist seems to exclude the "darwin" bits