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LU-506 kernel: FC15 - tcp_sendpage() uses struct sock.
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lnet / autoconf / lustre-lnet.m4
2011-12-09 yangshengLU-506 kernel: FC15 - tcp_sendpage() uses struct sock.
2011-11-06 Ned BassLU-778 o2iblnd: Add rdma_create_id() compatibility...
2010-11-18 Isaac Huangb=20153 add IB bonding failover support to o2iblnd
2010-09-06 Maxim Patlasovb=19700 remove obsolete IB LNDs from HEAD
2010-07-19 Mikhail PershinRevert "b=20355 formalize support for pthreads"
2010-07-06 Isaac Huangb=22745 Removed gmlnd from lnet.
2010-06-22 Brian J. Murrellb=20355 formalize support for pthreads
2010-05-24 Rahul Deshmukhb=21951 2.6.32-fc13 patchless client support for HEAD
2010-03-30 Brian J. Murrellb=21666 prevent use of OFED source dir instead of headers
2010-03-03 Brian J. Murrellb=21380 make dist seems to exclude the "darwin" bits
2009-10-26 shadowadd 2.6.27 kernel support
2009-10-12 eeb* fixed comment empty LN_CONFIG_USERSPACE macro definition
2009-10-12 eeb* Defined empty LN_CONFIG_USERSPACE macro to avoid...
2009-06-03 tianzyBranch HEAD
2009-05-28 isaaci=brian,b=15870:
2009-05-26 brianb=17671
2009-05-22 zhanghcb=11505
2009-05-21 liangzhenBranch HEAD
2009-05-15 liangzhenBranch HEAD
2008-09-17 brianb=16792
2008-08-21 brianb=16364
2008-08-20 brianWhitespace cleanup.
2008-08-19 brianb=16364
2008-08-04 bobijamBranch HEAD
2008-08-01 liangzhenBranch HEAD
2008-07-04 shadowcheck both names for symver file.
2008-06-28 adilgerBranch HEAD
2008-06-19 robert.readBranch HEAD
2008-06-12 brianb=15870
2008-05-23 shadowfix build lustre with o2ib and SLES10.
2008-05-08 brianb=15316
2008-05-07 brianb=15316
2008-05-02 johannBranch b1_6
2008-04-18 shadowFix warnings with compile liblustre at sles10/rhel5...
2008-03-25 shadowremove unneed include.
2008-03-25 shadowremove unneed include.
2008-02-27 brianb=14816
2008-02-21 johannBranch b1_6
2008-01-18 shadowremove compiler warnings.
2007-12-03 shadowrevert slab type detection.
2007-11-21 shadowfix building problem with 2.6.22 kernel.
2007-10-23 liangzhenBranch HEAD
2007-06-22 shadowimprove checks for exported symbols. This allow run...
2007-06-22 isaac- added LNET self test (landing b_self_test).
2007-06-21 shadowfix some mal-formatted DEBUG_REQ and LCONSOLE_ERROR_MSG...
2007-06-21 shadow2.6.22 has only one visble change for patchless cleint...
2007-06-20 liangzhenAdd OFED1.2 support to o2iblnd
2007-05-17 shadowupdate patchless client for support 2.6.20, 2.6.21...
2007-05-15 eeb* Removed lnet/tests - these tests were trivial and...
2007-04-27 shadowLC_CONFIG_CDEBUG don't run while build liblustre on...
2007-04-27 yury- removed duplicated LC_CONFIG_CDEBUG from lustre,...
2007-03-30 yury- fixed configure messages on checking LASSERT, etc
2007-03-30 yury- enable all traces and debugs by default to not hurt...
2007-03-30 yury- LIBCFS_DEBUG is used as #ifdef and cannot be defined...
2007-03-30 yuryImplements following configure keys:
2007-03-22 eeb* Removed check for kernel TCP zero-copy patch - it...
2007-02-10 nathanLanding b_hd_newconfig on HEAD
2005-05-19 jacobb=6336
2005-05-19 jacobb=6336
2005-04-19 jacobadd support for sles 8:
2005-04-05 eeb* 5852 vibnal highmem fix to always use page_to_phys...
2005-04-04 jacobland b1_4_bgl on HEAD (20050404_1913)
2005-04-04 eeb* 5852 vibnal patch to detect __u64/void* vv_scatgat_...
2005-03-30 eeb* Changed --with-iib to allow a path to the installe...
2005-03-08 liuduouptodate with HEAD, resovle lots of conflictions
2005-03-02 jacobPatch from HP to support external qsnet.
2005-03-02 jacobb=5786
2005-02-23 eeb* First cut working vibnal
2005-02-11 jacoboriginally by phil
2005-02-04 eeb * Landed portals:b_port_step as follows...
2005-01-31 eeb* 5602 fix improves checks that NID is set correctly...
2005-01-11 eeb* added more openib automagic compile checks
2005-01-11 eeb* Made openib not use the subnet manager to discover...
2005-01-07 eeb* fixed openib comment typo
2005-01-07 eeb* Included changes from *old* b1_4/b_cray
2005-01-05 eeb* Changed lustre-portals.m4 to allow out-of-tree...
2004-12-23 eeb* landing portals b1_4_sfw on HEAD
2004-12-19 jacobfixes for make rpms
2004-12-19 jacobMove portals into its own CVS module for HEAD.