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LU-5317 build: fix build of Xeon Phi client RPMs
[fs/lustre-release.git] / contrib / lbuild / lbuild
2014-07-10 Dmitry EreminLU-5317 build: fix build of Xeon Phi client RPMs 44/11044/2
2014-07-01 Minh DiepLU-5227 build: build dkms using lbuild 47/10747/3
2014-06-24 Minh DiepLU-5045 build: update OFED download site to https 55/10755/2
2014-06-24 Nathaniel ClarkLU-5203 zfs: Update spl/zfs version to 0.6.3 79/8979/14
2014-06-16 Ashley PittmanLU-1199 build: Remove unused lbuild options. 22/9922/3
2014-05-28 Nathaniel ClarkLU-5091 build: Support alternate locations of libzfs.so 01/10401/5
2014-05-27 Brian J. MurrellLU-5094 Fetch SLES11SP3 build artifacts automatically 96/10396/13
2014-04-24 John L. HammondLU-2675 liblustre: disable liblustre by default 56/9756/6
2014-01-29 Dmitry EreminLU-4484 lbuild: add support for fresh versions of MPSS... 36/8836/5
2014-01-06 Dmitry EreminLU-4318 lbuild: build failed if kernel source in comman... 21/8421/3
2013-12-16 Dmitry EreminLU-4266 build: fix lbuild to work with OFED-3.5-x 51/8451/4
2013-11-05 Dmitry EreminLU-3968 lbuild: Extend script with build for Xeon Phi... 66/7066/17
2013-09-25 Minh DiepLU-3466 iokit: Make lustre-iokit a subpackage of lustre 14/7314/13
2013-09-24 Bob GlossmanLU-3986 build: eliminate redundant kernel config files 13/7713/2
2013-09-23 Nathaniel ClarkLU-3584 osd-zfs: error check dmu_tx_hold_sa 90/7090/7
2013-09-12 Christopher J. MorroneLU-3462 ldiskfs: Subsume ldiskfs's build system into... 50/6850/22
2013-09-03 James SimmonsLU-3497 build: Use alt. path for ZFS development headers 50/6750/5
2013-08-20 Minh DiepLU-3476 build: eliminate bad macros in lustre spec... 56/6856/5
2013-07-26 Shuichi IharaLU-3389 build: Fix build fails on RHEL6.4 kernel with... 48/6448/5
2013-07-26 Dmitry EreminLU-1199 lbuild: Syntax fix of previous commit 09/7009/2
2013-07-10 Dmitry EreminLU-1199 build: Fix paths after move to contrib dir 97/6497/2
2013-07-08 Christopher J. MorroneLU-1199 lbuild: Remove obsolete CVS functionality 62/5962/4
2013-06-24 Bob GlossmanLU-3337 build: add missing build files for sles11sp2... 72/6272/40
2013-05-31 Minh DiepLU-3174 build: missing noiokit option in lbuild
2013-05-07 Brian BehlendorfLU-3117 build: zfs-0.6.1 kmod+dkms compatibility
2013-05-01 Christopher J. MorroneLU-1199 lbuild: Fix error handling
2013-04-07 frankLU-2907 build: Infiniband HW kernel modules of OFA...
2013-03-28 Christopher J. MorroneLU-1199 build: Clean out the build directory