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LU-12214 build: fix make rpms
[fs/lustre-release.git] / config / lustre-build-zfs.m4
2019-12-20 Shaun TancheffLU-12904 utils: zfs properly detect spa_multihost 82/36582/6
2019-09-20 Nathaniel ClarkLU-12745 build: Account for optional SPL for ZFS 0.8+ 61/36161/2
2019-01-23 Andreas DilgerLU-11845 zfs: put configure checks in version order 00/34000/2
2019-01-23 Nathaniel ClarkLU-11555 utils: ZFS check multihost enabled in read_ldd() 91/33491/5
2018-11-06 Tony HutterLU-11507 osd-zfs: Use zfs_refcount_add if available 59/33359/7
2018-10-23 Nathaniel ClarkLU-11393 osd-zfs: time struct changes 45/33345/4
2018-10-05 Li DongyangLU-11368 build: link the shared libraries properly 46/33146/2
2018-07-30 Li DongyangLU-11071 build: Add server build support for Ubuntu... 13/32613/10
2018-05-21 Fan YongLU-11024 osd-zfs: properly detect ZFS dnode accounting 18/32418/3
2018-03-15 Alex ZhuravlevLU-8856 osd: mark specific transactions netfree 44/31444/9
2018-02-27 Oleg DrokinRevert "LU-8856 osd: mark specific transactions netfree" 42/31442/2
2018-02-27 Alex ZhuravlevLU-8856 osd: mark specific transactions netfree 30/26930/20
2018-02-09 James SimmonsLU-10536 build: add path for libnvpair to zfslib 28/31128/3
2018-02-06 Martin SchroederLU-9564 build: Add server-build for Ubuntu with Kernel... 15/29215/12
2018-01-31 John L. HammondLU-10536 build: add -lnvpair to ZFS LDFLAGS 47/30947/2
2017-11-09 Fan YongLU-7991 quota: project quota against ZFS backend 93/27093/40
2017-08-28 Giuseppe Di NataleLU-9890 osd-zfs: dmu_objset_own/disown changes 93/28593/3
2017-08-01 Oleg DrokinRevert "LU-9564 build: Add server-build for Ubuntu... 93/28293/2
2017-07-19 Martin SchroederLU-9564 build: Add server-build for Ubuntu with Kernel... 23/27323/11
2017-05-16 Jinshan XiongLU-9305 osd-zfs: arc_buf could be non-pagesize aligned 95/26895/8
2017-05-05 Alex ZhuravlevLU-8882 osd: use bydnode methods to access DMU 35/24035/21
2017-03-30 Jinshan XiongLU-2435 osd-zfs: use zfs native dnode accounting 94/15294/28
2016-08-06 Nathaniel ClarkLU-7863 osd-zfs: dmu_prefetch change in ZFS master 93/19293/8
2016-06-02 Brian BehlendorfLU-8068 osd-zfs: large dnode support 67/20367/4
2016-04-11 Christopher J. MorroneLU-7962 build: Support builds w/ weak module ZFS 49/19249/4
2015-12-21 Christopher J. MorroneLU-7534 build: Allow lustre to build against ZFS/SPL... 36/17536/2
2015-07-29 Nathaniel ClarkLU-5597 build: Ensure MOFED Module symvers are used 98/15498/4
2015-05-09 Brian BehlendorfLU-6152 osd-zfs: ZFS large block compat 44/13544/3
2015-03-03 Brian BehlendorfLU-6038 osd-zfs: sa_spill_alloc()/sa_spill_free() compat 97/13097/6
2014-06-24 Nathaniel ClarkLU-5203 zfs: Update spl/zfs version to 0.6.3 79/8979/14
2014-05-28 Nathaniel ClarkLU-5091 build: Support alternate locations of libzfs.so 01/10401/5
2014-05-20 Nathaniel ClarkLU-4606 utils: Mount uses so for backing fstype 93/10193/9
2014-05-05 Alex ZhuravlevLU-4944 osd: support for zfs-0.6.3 64/10064/6
2014-04-22 Dmitry EreminLU-3953 build: cache the results of configure between... 82/9582/7
2013-12-02 Ned BassLU-4208 osd-zfs: hold pool config lock to register... 72/8172/3
2013-10-01 Minh DiepLU-3953 config: move ext4 src detection to earlier... 92/7692/2
2013-09-12 Christopher J. MorroneLU-3462 ldiskfs: Subsume ldiskfs's build system into... 50/6850/22
2013-09-03 James SimmonsLU-3497 build: Use alt. path for ZFS development headers 50/6750/5
2013-05-07 Brian BehlendorfLU-3117 build: zfs-0.6.1 kmod+dkms compatibility
2013-03-28 Christopher J. MorroneLU-1199 build: Clean out the build directory