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LU-8030 hsm: prevent duplicated HSM requests
[fs/lustre-release.git] / config / lustre-build-linux.m4
2016-03-23 Christopher J. MorroneLU-7699 build: Replace version_tag.pl with LUSTRE-VERSI... 07/18107/17
2016-03-16 Christopher J. MorroneLU-7518 build: Remove the Phi accelerator-specific... 88/17488/5
2015-09-03 Arnaud GuignardLU-6766 build: add support for arm64 95/15395/3
2015-03-27 James SimmonsLU-6387 build: add support for power8 15/14115/4
2014-09-06 Yang ShengLU-5276 build: handle RHEL ldiskfs series more accurated 98/11398/4
2014-06-04 Dmitry EreminLU-5090 tests: disable MPI tests for Phi build 08/10508/3
2014-05-30 Jeff MahoneyLU-3953 build: fix paths for generated headers 60/10160/8
2014-05-20 Jeff MahoneyLU-3953 build: look for kconfig.h in $LINUX 59/10159/3
2014-05-06 Jeff MahoneyLU-3953 build: fix AC_LANG_SOURCE autoconf warnings 58/10158/2
2014-04-22 Dmitry EreminLU-3953 build: cache the results of configure between... 82/9582/7
2014-03-25 Dmitry EreminLU-2982 build: make AC check for linux arch sandbox... 58/9458/2
2014-03-01 Dmitry EreminLU-3953 build: configure output improvments 09/9309/2
2014-02-03 Bob GlossmanLU-4470 build: wrong linux symbol file search 56/9056/2
2013-12-16 Dmitry EreminLU-4266 build: fix lbuild to work with OFED-3.5-x 51/8451/4
2013-12-11 Chris HornLU-4196 build: Build support for OFED-3.5 and SLES 11 40/8140/2
2013-12-02 Ned BassLU-4208 osd-zfs: hold pool config lock to register... 72/8172/3
2013-11-18 Stephen ChampionLU-4124 build: make module installation directory flexible 65/8065/10
2013-11-05 Dmitry EreminLU-3968 lbuild: Extend script with build for Xeon Phi... 66/7066/17
2013-09-20 Dmitry EreminLU-3865 build: support of new MPSS version 3.x 13/7513/6
2013-09-12 Christopher J. MorroneLU-3462 ldiskfs: Subsume ldiskfs's build system into... 50/6850/22
2013-07-26 Shuichi IharaLU-3389 build: Fix build fails on RHEL6.4 kernel with... 48/6448/5
2013-07-11 yangshengLU-2686 kernel: Kernel update for 3.7.2-201.fc18 74/5974/7
2013-07-10 Chris HornLU-3441 build: Allow for native KNC compilation 58/6558/2
2013-05-24 Dmitry EreminLU-2784 build: Provide RPMs build for Xeon Phi(TM)...
2013-05-07 Dmitry EreminLU-2752 build: Enhance build for cross compilation...
2013-03-28 Christopher J. MorroneLU-1199 build: Clean out the build directory