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Remove trailing /lustre from lustre/ldlm/lustre pathnames.
[fs/lustre-release.git] / build /
2005-01-12 nicr=boc
2005-01-12 jacob - fix .config file not found false error message
2005-01-11 eeb* Added b_ptl_smallfix into build/buildcvs
2005-01-11 jacobRemove always false expression that may be confusing...
2005-01-11 jacob - lustrecvs now updates and reexecs itself
2005-01-11 adilgerRemove [A-Z]* regexp since it matches b* for some reason.
2005-01-10 adilgerAdd support for building with a specific CVS Tag. ...
2005-01-10 jacobCreate -obj's version.h with the correct version in...
2005-01-10 jacobDon't run make dep for 2.6
2005-01-08 nicr=boc
2005-01-07 phil- pull the new libsysio tag for b_cray
2005-01-06 jacobTry to fix kext ownership at make install time
2005-01-06 jacobRemove requirement on GNU awk
2005-01-06 jacobb=5278
2005-01-05 jacobb=4642
2005-01-05 jacobb=5278
2005-01-04 nicr=boc
2005-01-04 liangzhenAdd b_port_ahead to buildcvs
2005-01-03 ericmbranch: b_hd_sec
2004-12-31 zhaoqiangMerge b_port_netid from b_port_step (20041231_1726)
2004-12-30 jacobfix download url for automake
2004-12-28 adilgerAdd cvs management scripts to top-level repository.
2004-12-24 adilgerb_cray was previously running with libsysio-0809, segfa...
2004-12-22 jacobmake sure libsysio is always disted
2004-12-22 jacobFix some liblustre typos
2004-12-21 jacobMerge in external patches support
2004-12-21 adilgerFix RPM building. There were a bunch of missing pieces...
2004-12-21 jacobb=5278
2004-12-20 jacobb=5478
2004-12-20 jacobworkaround for distclean
2004-12-19 jacobfixes for make rpms
2004-12-19 jacobsplit portals into its own module (b1_2)
2004-12-19 jacobSplit portals into its own module (b_cray).
2004-12-19 jacobMove README.kernel-source to lustre-build
2004-12-19 jacobUse the newer libsysio tags.
2004-12-16 jacobMove these macros to lustre-portals.m4 and lustre-core...
2004-12-15 jacob * fix cvs up for HEAD branches
2004-12-14 jacobAbstract modules other than lustre-build from the lustr...
2004-12-14 jacobthese are in share now
2004-12-14 jacobhandle !=
2004-12-13 jacob - add missing files to EXTRA_DIST
2004-12-09 jacobb_port_step files
2004-12-09 jacobadd autoconf dirs to build
2004-12-09 jacobrefine skeletal configure.ac
2004-12-09 jacobfinish last commit
2004-12-09 jacobSplit up configure thusly:
2004-12-03 jacobbranch scripts
2004-12-02 jacobFix lbuild building and 2.6
2004-12-02 jacobblah blah blah