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Put the return status in a variable, and use the PIPESTATUS array instead of
[fs/lustre-release.git] / build / lmake
2006-03-20 brianPut the return status in a variable, and use the PIPEST...
2006-03-20 brianTry to get some more information when update_oldconfig...
2006-01-17 brianUse sendmail and set the sender address to ensure that...
2005-11-25 brianProtect the * from shell expansion producing:
2005-11-02 brianFix timed_run() so that it returns success when it...
2005-11-02 brianMake sure update_oldconfig does not hang the whole...
2005-10-31 brianAn expect script to interact with make oldconfig answer...
2005-10-28 brianr=nic
2005-10-28 brianr=nic
2005-08-18 jacobfix possible double-version with suse kernels
2005-06-02 jacobhandle .tgz files
2005-05-13 jacobb=5854
2005-05-05 jacobsync tree
2005-04-26 jacobb=6205
2005-03-04 nicall 2.6 platforms need the -objdir/Module.symvers built
2005-02-17 nicia64 needs make vmlinux on 2.6-suse, and it works on...
2005-01-21 jacobb=5578
2005-01-20 jacobb=5573
2005-01-10 jacobDon't run make dep for 2.6
2004-12-21 jacobMerge in external patches support
2004-12-02 jacobFix lbuild building and 2.6