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Add configure option to allow repackaging of e2fsprogs as ldiskfsprogs. (by Jim Garlick)
[fs/lustre-release.git] / build / autoconf / lustre-build-darwin.m4
2006-01-26 liangzhenCorrect gcc flags for Tiger.
2006-01-11 liangzhen1. Eliminate -m64 option while building kextensions...
2005-10-18 nathanb=8080
2005-08-31 pjkirnerFix build breakage introduced by lnet reorg.
2005-08-30 pjkirnerPhase 1 of LNET Reorg
2005-08-04 liangzhenFix of careless (miss ;;)
2005-08-04 liangzhenCFLAGS for compiling in Tiger
2005-03-09 nikitaturn debugging on by default for now
2005-01-06 jacobTry to fix kext ownership at make install time
2005-01-05 jacobb=4642
2004-12-09 jacobb_port_step files
2004-12-09 jacobrefine skeletal configure.ac
2004-12-09 jacobSplit up configure thusly: