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LU-16412 llite: check read page past requested
[fs/lustre-release.git] / .gitignore
5 days ago Timothy DayLU-15581 misc: update .gitignore files 32/49632/3
2022-12-13 Shaun TancheffLU-16359 build: RHEL use Module.symvers during find... 02/49302/4
2022-08-03 James SimmonsLU-14651 ldiskfs: add 5.11 kernel support 00/47900/3
2021-04-21 Shaun TancheffLU-13344 libcfs: Abstract proc_fs with proc_ops 73/37873/15
2020-06-02 Amir ShehataLU-10973 lnet: infrastructure to build the LUTF 84/38084/8
2019-09-03 Shaun TancheffLU-12634 build: kbuild changes in 5.3 drop subdir-m 86/35786/2
2018-05-21 James SimmonsLU-10997 build: add files to .gitignore 04/32304/2
2018-01-14 James SimmonsLU-5541 build: move libcfs and liblustreapi over to... 62/30562/6
2016-12-17 Dmitry EreminLU-8789 build: add files to .gitignore 40/23540/3
2016-03-23 Christopher J. MorroneLU-7699 build: Replace version_tag.pl with LUSTRE-VERSI... 07/18107/17
2015-09-22 James SimmonsLU-7174 build: add build by products to .gitignore 58/16458/2
2015-09-19 Dmitry EreminLU-7042 lnet: Handle OFED 3.18 packaging definitions 18/16418/3
2014-05-20 Nathaniel ClarkLU-4606 utils: Mount uses so for backing fstype 93/10193/9
2014-02-10 Brian BehlendorfLU-1032 build: Add Lustre DKMS spec file 19/6019/5
2013-06-07 Bruce KorbLU-2771 dlmlock: compress out unused space
2013-06-06 Andreas DilgerLU-1617 build: ignore automatically generated files
2013-03-28 Christopher J. MorroneLU-1199 build: Clean out the build directory
2012-08-08 Andreas DilgerLU-1617 build: skip generated files in .gitignore
2011-11-13 Andreas DilgerLU-835 build: skip generated files in .gitignore
2009-12-12 Brian ReitzIntroduce .gitignore files. GIT_EPOCH_MASTER