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LU-5482 build: lustre-tests depends on attr, rsync, lsof, perl 33/11433/6
authorMinh Diep <minh.diep@intel.com>
Wed, 13 Aug 2014 16:32:32 +0000 (09:32 -0700)
committerOleg Drokin <oleg.drokin@intel.com>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 21:00:59 +0000 (21:00 +0000)
Tests use get/setfattr and rsync but never require
to install attr, rsync, lsof, perl packages.

Test-Parameters: clientdistro=el7
Signed-off-by: Minh Diep <minh.diep@intel.com>
Change-Id: Id6ec7f88e6f9e71f6f1c97f2bd6a40a70f62f53c
Reviewed-on: http://review.whamcloud.com/11433
Tested-by: Jenkins
Reviewed-by: Brian J. Murrell <brian.murrell@intel.com>
Tested-by: Maloo <hpdd-maloo@intel.com>
Reviewed-by: Bob Glossman <bob.glossman@intel.com>
Reviewed-by: Oleg Drokin <oleg.drokin@intel.com>

index d28ac6a..95e3830 100644 (file)
@@ -221,6 +221,7 @@ Summary: Lustre testing framework
 Group: Development/Kernel
 Provides: %{name}-tests = %{version}
 Requires: %{name} = %{version}, %{name}-modules = %{version}, lustre-iokit
+Requires: attr, rsync, perl, lsof, /usr/bin/getconf
 %description tests
 This package contains a set of test binaries and scripts that are intended